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Project Title:     Project InDivisible
Project Dates:    2018-2024
Project Focus:   

Interlaced initiative encompassing:

Civil society, democracy, education, poverty and violence prevention, economic and job development, monetary stability, and technology.

Project Region:   Local, National, and Global Initiative
501(c)(3) Status:   Current - NFP Initiatives and AdvanCN
EIN:    47-4070229

Wrina Iamwe
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Counterplan Agenda


The Need

The Solution

System Application

How it Works 

The Strategic Plan

How the Systems Work Together


Wealth and Power 

Debt Resolution Overview 

Life Term Compensation Caps Example 

Dollars to Willits Conversion



Fraud and Corruption 

Non-fractional Implementation



Project Founder


Counterplan Agenda

  1. Full employment and performance-based job stability
  2. Standards for the creation and equitable distribution of money
  3. Price stability and true cost transparency
  4. Forgiveness of all debt including school and mortgage loans, and the end of interest.
  5. Education of all people in the trade and/or science of their choice
  6. Open markets and Research and Development transparency to spur innovation and entrepreneurialism
  7. Standard Needs and Earned Equity in lieu of debt and taxation
  8. The end of corporate and political corruption
  9. Legislative and judicial oversight by the people
  10. The end of war and resource-based conflicts
  11. Optimal balance of mankind with nature and mankind with itself
  12. The freedom, advancement, and ascendance of mankind



The promise of Project InDivisible is a world free of inequality, poverty, and injustice. By merging the best aspects, ideologies, and processes of capitalism, democracy, and socialism we can create a world that is equitable for the permanent end of poverty and injustice in all its forms for all people.

Truth—until an equitable social and economic system is implemented globally, most of the projects and organizations you fund and serve will never fully accomplish their missions, and can only serve a fraction of the people who need help. 

We invite you to join us, to think strategically, long into the future, and to investigate what is required to create a truly equitable system. One that prevents poverty, injustice, and corruption. One that fully embraces the idea of freedom and equality.


The Need

The dicode effects (constructive verse destructive)  of natural Law which determines the proper functionality of a system or process has, by merit of empirical evidence, revealed that our social and economic systems do not function properly – if they did function properly, there would be no need for charitable organizations or foundations. Based on natural Law, the predictive result for mankind, without infusion of constructive actions and processes, is not favorable. 

There are aspects of capitalism, democracy, and social ideology that have proven to function well. If properly implemented and the rights of all people secured, these systems can function more efficiently; serve a broader percentage of the population without abuses; and make significant improvements in the quality of life of all people.

The current systems we make use of have been corrupted by individuals whose purposes and intentions do not honor the potential of mankind. Our systems are without proper checks and balances, and without applications that yield transparency, which serves to embolden corruption in our political and economic systems.


What Project InDIvisible is not

Project InDivisible is not a prescriptive plan for imposing an Orwellian New World Order. Project InDivisible is the antithesis of Orwell’s vision of the New World Order, as secrecy is not embraced – our mission and preparations are not and will not be concealed. Rights are outlined to protect the people from censorship and intimidation. Our plans were chartered to ensure: human life, equality of vote, freedom of choice, full transparency, justice, freedom of speech and religion; to ensure the will of the people can abolish unjust laws, and individuals can propose and amend law; to ensure individuals and groups are protected from arrest and incarceration for offenses that have not resulted in physical injuries or death; and to ensure the people’s grievances are resolved.  

Project InDivisible is not a regime that can be imposed, but a way of living that can be adopted. It is not a pipe dream, but a vision that can be accomplished. It is not a set of rules, but a way of thinking about how we solve problems.  The software solutions we propose are not implementation-ready, but plans to create working system prototypes that can eventually be implemented and utilized to explore the complex relationships between needs, abilities, resources, and possibilities.  The systems we describe are what we think can work. We do not pretend to have all the answers – it will take a global effort to refine and improve the systems and tools that we propose.  Project InDivisible is an invitation to the world to create the ultimate solution.


The Solution

Project InDivisible outlines the processes, policies, systems, applications, and plans for the construction of an equitable world.

Project InDivisble is a comprehensive, multifaceted, non-fractional social and economic development, education, policy, and human services access computer/online/mobile application system. It is designed to address the destructive effects of our dysfunctional social and economic systems. 


System Application

Specifically, Project InDivisible focuses on the creation of interdependent technological applications for:

  • Monetary stability
  • Needs assessment, analysis, and provision
  • Production efficiency and ecological effect tracking and analysis
  • Resource provision tracking and access
  • Job creation and employment stability
  • Fiscal transparency and accountability
  • Local, national, and international debt settlement for the prevention of domestic and international violence
  • Education equality, affordability, and motivation
  • Redress of Grievances regardless of one's ability to pay
  • Democracy elevation


Our Strategic Plan (Plan 360 – the System Core) includes seven major system applications:

  • Willit: Monetary, Earned Equity, Compensation, and Banking Systems
  • i-Present: Legislation, Contract, Voting and Election Systems
  • i-Act: Production, Employment, and Ecological Effect Tracking Systems
  • x-Change: Distribution and Inventory Systems
  • i-Effect: Judicial and Law Enforcement Systems
  • i-Learn – Education, Training, and Certification Systems
  • i-Amwe – Ordering, Tracking, Reporting, Information, and Cumulative Effects Systems

Jointly, these applications are termed the System Core.


How it Works

Now that we have described the needs and goals, join us in envisioning how the System Core will aid in healing our world.

The Strategic Plan

The applications that form the System Core seamlessly integrate in a strategic plan to ensure local, national, and international social and economic stability:

A dual Monetary and Earned Equity economic system prevents financial collapse, ends poverty, and ensures 100 percent Global Employment.

A Monetary System that makes use of Global Compensation Standards for the creation of money to ensure the stability of currency internationally; to ensure the payment of fair wages for all members of society regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, or nationality; to accurately determine the True Cost of Production for the stabilization of prices; and for the creation of a living breathing currency that naturally prevents theft, the concentration of wealth, and ensures compensation directly correlates to the effort expended by an individual, based on their education, knowledge level, skills, ingenuity, and creativity (see: interactive calculation for the Willit Monetary System MODEL 1).

A plan to end dependency on corporations for the payment of wages and the provision of health and retirement benefits.  Money (which we term Willits)  is created with use of Global Compensation Standards and issued by the Global Compensation and Transaction Administration (GCTA) through local, city, state, and national agents, which are processed through transparent reconciliation systems.

Global Debt Cancellation, Settlement, and Reconciliation plans and calculations for individual and household debt, and the settlement of debt for cities, states and nations; and international debt settlement, to ensure the end of enslavement through debt for this generation and future generations. 

A global 60/30/10 Resource Partition Plan that ensures international trade without exploitation and without the need of military occupation, nor war; nor covert tactics of resource seizure through debt and interest and/or currency value manipulation (which only serves to incite slavery, abuse, and hatred – the kindling of revolution and war).

Applications, tools, and laws to end political and social corruption, yet, serve to build and preserve social alliances, the equality of vote, legislative and voting rights of individuals and groups, and to ensure open and fair markets and access to resources to inspire innovation. 

The inclusion of Global and Local Labor Unions and Trade Guilds that protect the rights of the Labor Force without the worry of fair compensation arguments that hinder corporate and labor relations.

Systems that uphold the rights of the individual and sets those rights as a primary focus to ensure equality so all people have the means to achieve their full potential.


How the Systems Work Together

The technological applications we have conceived make use of constructive outcome logic.

For example, the interlacing system design makes use of the policies and various systems we have conceived to ensure social and economic stability.

  1. Our Dual Monetary System makes use of Earned Equity for standard needs provision and money for Capital Markets.
  2. The Earned Equity System interlaces with Labor Management Systems to ensure all people have access to the Standard Needs for life: food, housing, clean water, education, medical care, and vital community utilities. Together they ensure 100 percent employment of all able-bodied persons, which reduces work hour requirements. This, in turn, ensures parents can properly raise and educate their children, which will help to revitalize communities. It also secures an individual’s retirement through the Standard Needs Earned Equity System, to prevent the debt burden of retirement accounts upon cities, states, governments, unions, and corporations.
  3. Our Global Monetary Standards make use of eight factors to stabilize the creation of money, and to ensure the value of money globally without need of monetary policy manipulation. Through interlinked National and Global Compensation and Transaction Administrations (GCTA), the equitable payment of compensation is ensured regardless of gender, nationality, or ethnicity/race – which ensures the end of wage slavery, stolen wages, and the trafficking of people for money. It will also help ensure the independence and equality of women and men to end sexual exploitation and monetary-based dependency that contributes to spousal and child abuse and neglect.
  4. Our Dual Monetary System interlaces with our Legislative System, Production Applications, and our 60/30/10 Resource Partition Plan and Systems to provide the manpower. Proper provision of manpower ensures the products a society determines (by legislative vote of each citizen) to be required are provided for all people, based on indigenous materials, resources, de-production, and recycling. And our Production and Resource Inventory Applications, and Components interlink with our Compensation System to ensure all materials are tracked. Also, ecological devastation can be minimized based on De-Production Systems and our Recycling Compensation Systems. Labor will be allocated to the de-production and recycling process through the Earned Equity System, and reusable resources will be thoroughly tracked by Resource Inventory and Shortage Warning Systems.
  5. Our local and global 60/30/10 Resource Partition Systems will interlace with Production Systems to ensure resources are available for Standard Needs and Capital Markets (Capital Markets - require monetary exchange), to prevent resource-based wars and conflicts. These systems also interlace with the Debt Settlement Calculation Systems to ensure a portion of each nations’ production is allocated to settle this generations’ debt obligations, and ensures the individuals who once held a nation's bonds are fairly compensated.
  6. In-turn, the Standard Needs Earned Equity System and Capital Market Systems interlace with the i-Act - Employment Systems and use the Global Compensation Standards to  determine compensation based on skill level, education level, position hierarchy and the other five compensation factors. These systems establish the True Cost of Production and/or Service Provision to ensure price stability.
  7. Capital Markets Systems allow an individual to purchase the goods and services not available in the Standard Needs Earned Equity System, and thereby ensures innovation.
  8. Our Legislative System is interlaced with our Production System and the Standard Needs System so citizens can determine what products are needed, the availability of resources, and grant resource acquisition rights to corporations for production. This happens through approval of legislative enactments confirmed by the people who will have the available time to invest in legislative activities because of the Standard Needs Earned Equity System’s limited work hour requirements.
  9. Corporations are interlaced within the system without having the expense of resource or labor procurement, thereby creating open and fair markets, which secures labor rights and unions, and grants independence from corporations. This also ends the ability of corporations to monetarily influence the legislative and political process.
  10. Our Education System is also interlaced with the Earned Equity and Monetary Systems as compensation is directly linked to an individual’s education and skill level, and serves as a natural incentive for individuals to pursue higher education, which is provided to all people through the Standard Needs Earned Equity System. The iAct Production and Service Systems interlace with the Education and Certification Systems for automated job placement based on an individual’s certifications, performance, and skill ratings and will help to prevent job discrimination, which will help to diminish social stresses that provoke protectionism and intolerance.
  11. The i-Effect - Judicial System interlaces with iAct- Production Systems, Black Market Systems, and the i-Amwe Reporting and Information System, to ensure every individual has the means and right to petition for redress of grievances, without cost (with use of the Standard Needs System), to ensure violations of one’s rights are addressed without need of violence.



Our new world, as described by the applications here, may seem improbable to some. However, electricity, wireless communication, photographic imagery, computers, atomic weapons, atmospheric and space flight, GPS, cellular phones, and 3-D movies and animation were all improbable until man achieved the conscious level and knowledge to bring them about. 

We have the technology to create the systems that will be required. The knowledge the masses will require to rule justly will be obtained once the systems to ensure accurate information distribution are in place.  Belief in the creation of a better world is not delusion, it is advanced logic.

Wealth and Power

It is believed, that those with wealth and power will not peacefully give up their privilege. It is true, with implementation of the System Core the wealthy and powerful will lose the delusion of the prestige, power, and influence they have obtained. Influence will be limited to one vote. And, prestige will actually be defined by one’s own accomplishments, not through inheritance, nor obtained through the enslavement of other men.

The attainment of wealth and power by the elite, regardless of the justification used, comes by means of unearned inheritance, human rights violations, corrupt legislative resource access entitlements, the payment/bribery/moral corruption of politicians, armed forces, and the exploitation of people through need-based control and manipulation.

The people have a moral obligation to change the systems utilized to oppress them or that allow others to obtain unfair advantage. We the people have the unalienable right to correct errors. Those who hold power and wealth are fully cognizant of these facts.

Construction of the System Core will give the world a choice and will enable a peaceful means to conscientiously reject destructive people, processes, and systems.  

Those with wealth and power are encouraged to aid in the correction of the errors inflicted on mankind. Their assistance will help to establish trust and defuse conflicts. And, the people of every nation are encouraged to aid in the correction of the errors inflicted upon other creatures – it is hypocrisy to request acknowledgment of one’s rights, yet, to enslave and kill other beings.

With implementation of an equitable system, the motivating factors that compel wealth concentration and the exploitation of people and resources will cease to have rational and legislative influence.

Mankind’s struggle for resources, access, and justice has a historical trail of tribalism, protectionism, and war that can only be altered through collaboration, equality, and the technological applications that ensure knowledge of the true state and condition of our resources and the volume of need. The 60/30/10 Resource Partition Plan (detailed in the full proposal) will help to quell hatred caused by the expansion and resource acquisition agendas of elitists, tribesman, and countries who have sought strategic economic and trade advantage.

We cannot change morally corrupt individuals who believe they have the right to inflict harm and who hoard natural resources which are provided to mankind by nature/God. However, an equitable system is a positive prevention measure and a means to identify criminals. With implementation of the i-Effect Judicial system, those who are victimized will receive justice.

The standards and principles we have conceived for the systems ensure earned income and assets are not taken from individuals. True Cost principles based on Global Compensation Standards, the assurance of justice for all people, annual spending caps based on one’s equitable earnings, fair monetary conversion based on universal standards, and a living-breathing currency that is applicable to natural laws and life-and-death cycles, will ensure a peaceful transition to social and economic equality.


Debt Resolution Overview

The reconciliation of all debt including municipal and sovereign bonds, stocks, private contracts, mortgages, and education loans will be overseen by the Global Compensation and Transaction Administration (GCTA) to ensure all persons with verifiable claims of debt obligation owed to them are reimbursed up to their Maximum Compensation Level as determined by Global Compensation Standards. To ensure current inequalities are not preserved and to prevent individuals with legitimate earnings from loses, calculations to determine accurate compensation for the exchange of debt, bonds, stocks, and commodities are utilized, as well as annual spending caps, and lifespan compensation caps.
Interactive calculations are available at:


Life Term Compensation Caps Example

An individual who enters the Willit Monetary system at the age of 25, and:

  • works 40 hours per week
  • has a medium to high Work Hardship Level of 8 (from a point range of 1-Easy Labor to 15-Hazard Pay)
  • who has a PH.D. - Education Level of 24 (from a point range of 1-Elementary to 35-CMS)
  • with a Position Hierarchy Level of 3 (from a point range of 8-Student to 1-President)

would have an annual compensation rate of $$144,839.43 Willit dollars (see Figure 1).
The automatic annual increase in compensation would result in lifetime compensation potential of $89,988,578.72 Willit dollars (see Figure 2).  

Figure 1

Annual Compensation Global Compensation Standards

Figure 2

Maximum Compensation Global Compensation Standards





Dollars to Willits Conversion

The conversion of every nation’s currency into Willits is a simple process, as shown in Figure 3. Money is converted based on the hours an individual worked to obtain their monetary holdings. Then, those hours are converted into Willits.

Our example individual is an American citizen who earns $52,000 annually (Figure 3). Their average hourly rate, based on a 40 hour work week per year is $25 per hour. The annual wage is divided by the total hours worked.  The Willit rate for our sample individual after Global
Compensation Standard Factors were calculated determined the sample individual was underpaid. Their compensation should have been paid at a Willit rate of 32.81. Based on standardized factors any individual who is underpaid will receive the compensation they deserve.

Figure 3


Willit monetary standard conversion rates ensure every individual is compensated fairly regardless of their nationality, race, ethnicity, or gender.   During the five-year development phase of the System Core, employees will need to ensure their compensation is accurately documented by employers and recorded by their nation’s Employment Compensation reporting authority or Internal Revenue Bureau to ensure reparations can be accurately calculated.

The Debt Settlement process for bonds, stocks, and contractual debts makes use of the same monetary conversion method after debt and bond equity is determined (see the full proposal for calculation details).




The System Core will ensure we can meet the needs of the present and ensure future generations are not compromised by debt and inequality. Upon implementation, the System Core will be sustained with use of the Earned Equity System through legislative enactments. The System Core will be maintained and upgraded as technological and programming advances occur.



To ensure each district’s, city, state, and nation’s data is protected from disasters and malicious intent, the data will be mirrored, encrypted, and secured in global data center depositories. Should a disaster occur, the Global Peace Alliance Administrative body will ensure restoration of all nation's economic systems.  The System Core will be the data, information, and resource procurement systems used to aid reconstruction and ensure efficient recovery efforts.


Fraud and Corruption

Corrupt systems are a reflection of the individuals who control the governance of its laws, precedents, policies, and practices.

To deter fraud, corruption, and malfeasance, all transactions by system administrators are viewable by the people. The people will have final oversight of audits and analysis. To ensure the people are protected from those with malicious intent, the people will have the irrevocable constitutional right and duty to amend legislative enactments and to disable and replace the System Core.

The Global Curriculum Board of Education will ensure the people are trained in the maintenance and programming of the System Core. To ensure its continued advancement with societal needs, programming and coding will be taught as a basic educational requirement.


Non-fractional Implementation

The System Core will be simultaneously implemented globally for all nations after final testing and signing of the Global Peace Alliance Treaty, which the people of every nation will help to construct and pledge to abide. Nations that require assistance with infrastructure will be equipped with mobile and solar systems until the necessary infrastructure is built.

Implementation Process Phases:

Phase I – Planning (2019)

Phase II – Development (2020)

Phase III – System Review and Testing (2022)

Phase IV – Systems Integration (2023)

Phase V – Final Testing (2023- 2025)
During the Final testing phase, the System Core will be completely operational and available for everyday use.

Phase VI – Full Implementation (2025-2026)
During this phase, each nation’s currency will be converted to the issuing nation’s Willit currency system. After which, all funds will be audited and debt settlement will be confirmed by the International Debt Reconciliation Audit Commission and agreed to/confirmed by each nation’s citizens.

We encourage you to review the detailed implementation plans in the full proposal.



The total budget for project InDivisible is estimated at $609 million dollars (2016 figures).  Development completion is estimated between five to seven years. Year One’s startup expenditures are estimated at $9 million, and average $100 million dollars per year thereafter. Our goal is to procure funding from public donations and foundations from around the world to ensure the planning and development of the System Core. 144,000 Foundation Members, who donate a minimum of $684 dollars annually ($57 dollars per month), for the duration of the project are required.  

After implementation, no additional funds will be required. Future development and infrastructure requirement will be enacted as a Standard Need through the i-Present Legislative System.

Upon full implementation, all debts for individuals and nations will be reconciled and settled.
Interest and debt will be mandated as an unconstitutional form of slavery and prohibited for future generations.



Creation of the System Core will be a project of mass undertaking by all nations – and will be a monument and legacy comparable to the pyramids of Egypt.

The vast scope of Project InDivisible requires a conglomerate of consultants from numerous industries, professions, institutions, nations, and secular, political, and religious leaders. These individuals are currently being sought to aid this project.  Individuals interested in Board Directorship should complete the online application: Apply to be a member of the Board of Directors


Project Founder

Ms. Iamwe received her Master’s in Social Economics and a Ph.D. in Theology from the Ordination Institute – Chicago Seminary.  Her doctoral research focused on understanding the common ideological goals of religious, social, and political groups to determine the components required for the creation of mutually beneficial standards that result in the achievement of global social and economic security, equitable practices and processes, and political policies for the prevention of violence and poverty.

Ms. Iamwe was born in the United States, grew up in San Diego, California, and eventually migrated to Chicago, Illinois. Wrina Iamwe is the visionary of the System Core and the developer of the plans, methodology, and system applications and calculations:

  • Global compensation standards, calculations, and implementation plans
  • Global debt settlement plan, calculations, and processes
  • 60/30/10 Resource partition plan
  • Resource usage efficiency calculations

Wrina  Iamwe’s inspiration for developing the System Core is based on biblical revelations and prophecies, and Jesus’ sacred teachings, the Pistis Sophia and the Sophia Wisdom of Jesus Christ. Her understanding of the prophecies and revelations are thoroughly outlined in the manifesto, Amen Code, which is free for public review at  

Further, Ms. Iamwe’s mother was a welfare recipient and a single parent who benefited from social programs which enabled her to receive a college education, to obtain employment as a computer programmer, and to meet Ms. Iamwe’s adoptive father Charles Lenwood James, who encouraged Ms. Iamwe to achieve her life ambitions.




Social and economic systems are dynamic and intricate, and must, if they are to function correctly, embrace the micro and macro functionality of its various parts and interrelated systems, and must constructively balance the rights of the individual and society. To ensure stability for the end of poverty, we must peel back, account for, and analyze all of the layers of our social and economic systems to ensure the needs of the people can be met. And if they cannot be met with the constructs at hand, develop innovative technology and systems and ensure they function correctly, and determine viable cooperative solutions.

The systems we currently embrace are not befitting of conscious beings with the ability to mold their environments and perceptions. The end of poverty, inequality, and corruption are concepts embraced and ardently pursued by advanced societies and conscientious beings. Within us is a vibrant light that is diminished by injustice, inequality, and pain, which limits potential.

The system applications proposed herein and thoroughly outlined in the full proposal are innovative; yet, some of the applications already exist under private systems. These separate systems do not interface nor interlace within a non-fractional system to yield the dynamic information required to bring about social and economic change. These common knowledge program components will be included within the System Core. 

To ensure global implementation upon completion, the people of every nation will be encouraged to contribute to the planning and development of the System Core, and will be able to engage the system for testing.

To ensure the unalienable rights of all people, proper checks and balances, and full transparency, the System Core will be a system the people of every nation will retain control over. The systems will be managed by each nations’ appointed (and removable) International Peace Alliance Commission by Treaty (I-PACT); and the people of each nation will have the irrevocable right to terminate the employment of any commissioner or agent for violation of their fiduciary pledge and/or responsibilities.

A system that works, in which the people retain control, will be accepted by the people as a viable alternative. 

Your review of the full proposal will enable you to grasp the full extent and viability of our vision, as well as the equality, fairness, and right-minded logic used to design the System Core.

The systems, services, and knowledge Project InDivisible will produce will help to end the hypocrisy of a system that promotes the unalienable rights of all people, yet cunningly destroys the spirit of hope, belief in freedom, and the attainment of justice.

With your assistance, we can build the dynamic social-economic systems required to unify mankind for the permanent and peaceful end of poverty, which will motivate people to pursue knowledge and education with a new found hope of earned rewards for their labor and will restore belief in liberty and justice. And, our prodigy will believe in and achieve, what is now believed to be impossible.

Initiating this global project will bring about a cease-fire, quell hatred, and promote dialogue that will inspire trust, hope, and faith; and when implemented, secure global peace.

Your commitment of support will aid in the construction of a real social and economic model that can be implemented locally, nationally, and internationally.

Thank you for your time and consideration for funding this desperately needed initiative.

I look forward to meeting you and working with you to make this vision a reality. 


Wrina Iamwe
Chief Trustee – NFP Initiatives and AdvanCN